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Welcome to Apache Jackrabbit FileVault

Jackrabbit FileVault introduces a JCR repository to filesystem mapping. The mapping is exposed by and API and used by the CRX Content Packaging that allows to create portable packages of repository content. The Vault Command Line Interface aka vlt that provides a subversion like utility to work and develop with repository content.

Apache Jackrabbit FileVault is a project of the Apache Software Foundation.


The latest filevault sources are available for checkout from svn, or you can fork them on GitHub.

See also our releases on the Jackrabbit download page for slightly more stable versions of the codebase.

Mailing Lists

To get involved with the Apache Jackrabbit project, start by having a look at our website and joining our mailing lists. For more details about Jackrabbit mailing lists as well as links to list archives, please see:

Latest development

See the development overview page for more information.


See for the list of Jackrabbit committers and main contributors.