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Oak Composite NodeStore

The documentation of the Composite NodeStore implementation is work-in-progress. Please ask on oak-dev for things that are missing or unclear.


The CompositeNodeStore is a NodeStore implementation that wraps multiple NodeStore instances and exposes them through a single API. It is possible, for instance, to store all data in a DocumentNodeStore instance and relocate /libs and /apps in a SegmentNodeStore instance.

Each node stored wrapped by the composite node store instance is called a mount.

Design limitations

The implementation allows for a default mount, which is read-write, and for any number of additional mounts, which are read-only. This limitation is by design and is not expected to be removed in future Oak version.

Checking for read-only access

The Composite NodeStore mounts various other node stores in read-only mode. Since the read-only mode is not enfored via permissions, it may not be queried via Session.hasPermission. Instead, the read-only status is surfaced via Session.hasCapability. See OAK-6563 for details.