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Privilege Management : Differences wrt Jackrabbit 2.x

Registration of Custom Privileges

As far as registration of custom privileges the Oak implementation behaves different to Jackrabbit 2.x in the following two aspects:

  • Registration of new privileges fails with IllegalStateException if the editing session has pending changes.
  • Any validation is performed by CommitHooks in order to make sure that modifications made on the Oak API directly is equally verified. Subsequently any violation (permission, privilege consistency) is only detected at the end of the registration process. The privilege manager itself does not perform any validation.

Built-in Privilege Definitions

The following changes have been made to built-in privilege definitions:

  • Modifications:
    • jcr:read is now an aggregation of rep:readNodes and rep:readProperties
    • jcr:modifyProperties is now an aggregation of rep:addProperties, rep:alterProperties and rep:removeProperties
  • New Privileges defined by Oak 1.0:
    • rep:userManagement
    • rep:readNodes
    • rep:readProperties
    • rep:addProperties
    • rep:alterProperties
    • rep:removeProperties
    • rep:indexDefinitionManagement