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Privilege Management : Mapping Privileges to Items

The following table allows to identify which items will be affected by the invididual built in privileges.

Note: the term regular is used on contrast to protected items that are written using special API calls and thus mandate special privileges or are maintained by the system only and cannot be modified by the API consumer.


Privilege Affected Items
rep:readNodes all nodes except for access control content
rep:readProperties all properties except for access control content
jcr:readAccessControl all items defining access control content (see below)

Writing Properties

Privilege Affected Items
rep:addProperties creation of new regular properties
rep:alterProperties changing existing regular properties
rep:removeProperties removing existing regular properties

Writing Nodes

Privilege Affected Items
jcr:addChildNodes granted on parent to create new regular child nodes
jcr:removeChildNodes granted on parent to remove regular child nodes
rep:removeNode required to be granted on regular nodes for removal
jcr:nodeTypeManagement explicitly setting or modifying node type information on a regular (non-protected) node; affected properties are jcr:primaryType, jcr:mixinTypes

Access Control Management

Privilege Affected Items
jcr:readAccessControl all items defining access control content [1]
jcr:modifyAccessControl all items defining access control content [1]
rep:privilegeManagement implementation specific; in Oak everything below /jcr:system/rep:privileges

Other Session and Workspace Operations

Privilege Affected Items
jcr:versionManagement all items defining version content [2]
jcr:lockManagement Properties jcr:lockIsDeep, jcr:lockOwner
jcr:lifecycleManagement jcr:lifecyclePolicy, jcr:currentLifecycleState
jcr:retentionManagement implementation specific, in Jackrabbit 2.x the following properties: rep:hold, rep:retentionPolicy, Oak: NA
rep:userManagement all items defining user/group content [3]
rep:indexDefinitionManagement implementation specific; in Oak trees starting with an oak:index node

Repository Operations

Privilege Affected Items
jcr:namespaceManagement implementation specific; in Oak everything below /jcr:system/rep:namespaces
jcr:nodeTypeDefinitionManagement implementation specific; in Oak everything below /jcr:system/jcr:nodeTypes
rep:privilegeManagement implementation specific; in Oak everything below /jcr:system/rep:privileges
jcr:workspaceManagement NA


[1] In Oak reading/writing nodes with the following node types provided by the implementations present: rep:Policy, rep:ACL, rep:ACE, rep:GrantACE, rep:DenyACE, rep:Restrictions and rep:CugPolicy and all protected items defined therein. See Default Access Control Management and Managing Access Control with CUG, respectively.

[2] Granting jcr:versionManagement privilege at a given versionable node will allow writing items through JCR version management API which writes below /jcr:system/jcr:versionStorage, /jcr:system/jcr:activities, /jcr:system/jcr:configurations and the following properties both in the storage(s) and with the versionable node: jcr:activity, jcr:activityTitle, jcr:baseVersion, jcr:childVersionHistory, jcr:configuration, jcr:copiedFrom, jcr:frozenMixinTypes, jcr:frozenPrimaryType, jcr:frozenUuid, jcr:isCheckedOut, jcr:mergeFailed, jcr:predecessors,jcr:successors,jcr:root,jcr:versionableUuid, jcr:versionHistory

[3] in Oak creating nodes with the following primary types: rep:User, rep:SystemUser, rep:Group, rep:Impersonatable, rep:Members, rep:MemberReferences, rep:MemberReferencesList, rep:Password and all protected properties defined therein